Welcome to 1-Tech

Your European partner in energy and innovation

1-Tech is a research-based small company with its own independent expertise in energy and clean technologies and their application. We specialise in facilitating innovative solutions, projects and business ventures.

1-Tech works with creative people in organisations and companies who are interested in EU programmes and funding. Together, we do “project design”: find the right EU programme for your innovative ideas, and help with developing your concepts to fit a specific context.

In project design, our core business, we help to align the interests of the Consortium with the strategic objectives and desired impact of the relevant Programme, Call and Topic. 1-Tech’s work thereby adds value not only for its clients, but also for the public funding programmes in question, as the projects contribute better to realising the policy goals. Since 2009, we have helped to secure more than €100 million in direct grants to our clients.

1-Tech also supports clients in the management of on-going projects, whether EU funded or not, and take on expert advisory work for companies who wish to commercialise R&D results and protect IPR generated. Our commercial business is funded by private contracts; large and small companies, R&D institutions and public bodies from all over Europe.

Occasionally, 1-Tech will join EU project consortia as a minor participant with a carefully defined role, if we can add value also in the project's execution. Three examples are MARINA Platform (2010-14), LEANWind (2013-17), and RealTide (Horizon 2020, ongoing from 01.01.2018).

To contact us, please email to info@1-tech.eu

1-Tech s.p.r.l., Rue du Luxembourg 23, B-1000 Brussels (Belgium).
Tel. Office fix & fax: +32 2.230.1182 - Mob.: + 32 474.980.616.